Children's Toys-Books & Jellycats

Looking for a gift for a child then look no further than the Jellycat range of charming cuddly toys and books.

Brambling Hedgehog
Brambling Squirrel
Silver Medium Blossom Bunny
Dusky Blue Medium Blossom Bunny
Blush Medium Blossom Bunny
Magic Bunny Story Book
Cream Medium Blossom Bunny
Pale Blue Medium Bashful Bunny
Cream medium Bashful Bunny
Pink Medium Bashful Bunny
Beige Medium Bashful Bunny
Little Me Story Book
Silver Medium Bashful bunny
Sage Green Bashful Medium Bunny
Floral Lottie Bunny
Lottie Party Bunny
Lottie Tartan Bunny
Jasper Bunny
Tulip Yummy Bunny
Elephants Can Fly Story Book
Bobby Elle
Fuddlewuddle Medium Elephant
The Hiccuppy Dragon Story Book
Bashful medium Dragon
Fuddlewuddle Medium Dragon
Albee The Big Seed Story Book
Bashful Medium bee
Berta Bee
The Very Brave Lion Story Book
Fuddlewuddle Medium Lion
Bashful Medium Giraffe
My Best Pet Story Book
Boyd Medium Dino
Fuddlewuddle Medium Dino
I Know A Monkey Story Book
Bashful Medium Story Book
Smuffle Monkey
My World Story Book
Bailey Sloth
Benji Koala
Mum & Me Story Book
Fuddlewuddle Medium Lamb
Fddlewuddle Medium Pig
YThe Wild Garden Story Book
Winter white Glistening Butterfly
Iris Butterfly
Luis Llama Story Book
Luis Llama
Dido Hedgehog
Hedgehogs Big Adventures Story Book
Spike Medium Hedgehog
Suedetta  Hedgehog
Suedetta Squirrel
Suedetta Badger
Smuffle Fox
Puppy Makes Mischief Story Book
Tumblie Sheepdog
Bashful Medium Puppy
The Scruffy Puppy Story Book
Tuffet Dog
Bashful medium Donkey
Lingley Bunny Soother
Linfley Elephant (Blue)
Lingley Bunny (Pink)
Badger Rambler Rattle/Pram Toy
Fox Rambler Rattle/Pram Toy
Bunny Rambler Rattle/Pram Toy
Hedgehog Riverside Rambler
Mole Riverside Rambler
Ratty Riverside Rambler
Bunny Riverside Rambler
Huggaday Dog
Huggaday Hippo
Bashful Magical Medium Unicorn
Bielby Parrot
Bielby Toucan
Peddler Bunny
Peddler Mouse
Elephant Nose Best Story Book
Swellegant Penelope Poodle
Swellegant Willow Horse