Beautiful Tableware

This beautifully patterned tableware would look stunning in any kitchen. The detail and patterns are truly striking and the pieces would brighten up any table. Please call in and see us to take a look at this wonderful range.

Stunning Bracelets

If you are looking for a birthday present or a gift then one of our beautiful bracelets could make the ideal gift. We stock a variety of styles to suit most tastes, from plain to fancy there is sure to be something to catch your eye. Ideal accessories for this summer which can be worn for special occasions or just as everyday pieces of jewellery.

Summer Flip-flops

The weather is hotting up in the next few days, so what could be better than airing your feet in a pair of of these pretty flip-flops. We stock them in a range of sizes and as you can see a variety of styles and colours. Pop in and give your feet a treat!

Heartfelt Gifts

If you are looking for a heartfelt gift, then we think we have just what you are looking for. These fantastic signs are ideal additions to any home and also make fantastic gifts for friends and family.

Stunning Ceramics

This stunning range of ceramics would brighten any table or sideboard. These pieces are both practical and ornamental with a beautiful glazed finish. This attractive ceramic ware would also make a fantastic gift for a special someone.

Glassware at Inspirations

At Inspirations we have some wonderful glassware in store which would look stunning on any dinner table. From cocktail glasses and champagne flutes, great for BBQ's and parties this summer through to glasses for everyday use.