Supporting the George Pub

Hi we are keen supporters of the project to rebuild The George pub and will be closing the door briefly today at 12 - midday to join the photo shoot over the road - please come and join us.

Did you know there were seven pubs in Wickham Market!! That was in 1910 when there were 1,417 people living here. The George is the last which is why so many people are trying to save it - pubs are good for a village...

Can you remember some of these - it will depend on your age!!

The Chequers - opened pre 1799 and closed 1999

The White Hart - opened pre 1641 and closed 1985

The Crown - opened pre 1872 and closed 1959

The Grapes/Vine - opened pre 1844 and closed 1955

The Volunteer - opened pre 1872 and closed 1925

The Chaise and Pair - opened pre 1792 and closed 1911

Today, Saturday 12th May at mid day you can make a difference by coming along to the market hill for a photo - we need people showing their support for the pub rebuilding project.

For all the history look at the The George website


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